I’m sure this has happened to you too. Sometimes your guitar recklessly frustrates your playing, instead of supporting it. It fights you back. And it doesn’t go better with the tone: it is too thin or not dynamic enough, the unplugged sound is muffled or not consistent string by string. One bending is enough to go out of tune again and again.

And so on. We know.

If you think about it, your guitar was not build to be really yours, for your needs, your technique and even less for your hands.

No matter how big the price tag was, you are playing a guitar that:

– was hastily assembled and set up some time ago in a factory on the other side of the planet and in a total different climate condition.

– the factory setup was delivered with a conservative approach. Did they really know who was going to play the guitar next? The big chords guy who likes his action pretty high or the shredder who’s seeking nothing else but uber low string action? Factory setups are ok just as a starting point, at best.

– On top of that, the nature of the wood. Your guitar has a wooden neck and wood has a life on its own: temperatures and humidity widely modify the neck stability, geometries and curvature (or relief).


So, is it time for an upgrade? Very likely not.

Let us take care of it.


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