Hi and welcome to The Guitar Corner website.

This is the first of a series of six posts that I will dedicate to each step of a basic setup and in each of those I will try to provide some basic information on the guitar components, their function and a quick glance about what a setup aims to do.

I’m using the word basic setup because a full setup, instead, will also consist in many other aspects of inspecting, cleaning, lubing, polishing, tightening, slotting, re-soldering and so on. And even this would not exhaust all the possible services your guitar could need. But, still, this a good way to start.

I’m sure this is also the best way to start explaining what we offer: don’t miss to contact us for information or a quote if you’d like to use our services.

If you want to try the DIY way, I will also offer some tips here and there that, hopefully. will be helpful but please keep in mind: we will be not held responsible for any damage that you cause to your guitar.