An Important Disclosure


From spring 2020 on I had to apply some relevant changes to the service.

The most evident change is that I cannot welcome customers in my workshop anymore: the workshop space I use is inside the apartment where my family and I live so, sadly, that was the only decision to take.

I’m looking forward to going back to the previous arrangement but it can’t be done for now.

On the other hand, please note that the general context is not impeding me in any way to still offer the most professional service, just like in the last 15 years.


If you find the arrangements described below inconvenient for you, I will kindly ask you to refrain from booking an appointment until the conditions change.

Thanks in advance.



That said, let see how it will work more in details. 🙂

Drop-off Appointment


I will meet you outdoors to collect and return your guitar. Good thing is that we will have plenty of space, also for your car.

I will collect the instrument still in its case (or bag) and we’ll take time for an exhaustive chat on the service you require.  I will not inspect your guitar on the spot.






The inspection will happen later the same day.

Following the inspection, I will report back to you with a detailed email about my findings, the service suggested and the related quote.

I will then wait for your confirmation before starting any work.




After your confirmation, I’ll start working on your guitar.

Please note that the minimum fee applied is €35.

If after the inspection, no service has been carried on your instrument, the quote of €35 for the inspection will be charged.


It’s a rare occurance but if I’m running late on the estimated turnaround time, I will definitely let you know.



Service Completion

I will send you an email as soon as the service on your guitar has been completed and I will attach a link to my calendar so you can book your collection.

From the same link you’ll be able to pick the preferred payment method.




Preferred payment method is cash at the collection.

As an alternative, Revolut or Paypal can be arranged as well.

For online payments: in order to avoid any technical-related issues with the payment or its clearing during our appointment, I will accept payments with Paypal or with Revolut up to 2 hours before the scheduled collection time. If for any reason this is not convenient, the only accepteded payment method will be cash.




Collection Appointment


The collection appointment will happen with same modalities of the drop-off.

At this stage your instrument will be returned to you fully serviced, inside the bag or case it was dropped off with.

In the main pocket of the bag/case you will find all the accessories the guitar came with (strap, capo and so on), the original parts that were replaced during the service (old pickups, broken components, etc) and, whenever possible, a reference of the strings used during the service.

Unfortunately it won’t be possible to try the instrument on the spot at the collection.

However, as part of the overall service, two hours before the collection the instrument will go through a comprehensive final check where the parameters will be measured again and the guitar will be fully tested to ensure that the service will meet the expectations.

You can find some more information about our services on the F.A.Q. page.





That will be it, for now.

Thanks for your collaboration already and looking forward, folks!