At The Guitar Corner we take care of your electric or acoustic guitar (and bass) in all the details to unleash the full potential of your instrument.

We tailor your guitar on yourself, on your requirements and your expectations.

In Kilbarrack, Dublin 5


For any information, to book an appointment or to ask for a quote, please visit the contact page.

A short list of the services offered:

  • full setup
  • any kind of wiring-related services
  • fret leveling, full and partial refrets (also with stainless steel frets), frets sprout
  • pickups installation
  • bone nuts cut and fit
  • any kind of hardware installation
  • custom builds and full assembly on commission
  • and much much more!

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What our clients say:

“By far the best set up I have ever received on my Stratocaster guitar, absolute gent and very efficient. I would highly recommend, can’t be beat.”

“Excellent service by Gianmario. He really takes pride in his work and never rushes you going through every detail step by step, best experience i ever had with a guitar tech. I highly recommend him and will be back again. Thanks.”

“Gianmario repaired my Gitane gypsy jazz guitar. I would have no hesitation recommending him for any guitar repair or set up, he is very knowledgeable and professional, the charges are reasonable and he works quickly. I had my guitar back in five days and was very happy with the work done”.

“I had a guitar that had issues with buzzing, pickups, tuning and others. I found an adv of Gianmario on Facebook and I gave it a go. I cannot express his astonishing and very high standard work. My guitar is another guitar after his magic. Now I know exactly where and who to go to if I have problems with guitars in the future. Thank you very much for your excellency and luthiers services”.

“I’ve just gotten my Strat back from Gianmario and have to say I’m blown away . It sounds like a €3000 guitar instead of a Squier. This guy is brilliant and a perfectionist. If you need anything done this is the guy. Thanks again Gianmario and see you soon with my Jag”

“Gianmario is a professional.  He really brought my Strato back to life: very good set-up, re-wiring of the Seymour Duncan pick up to get a real Fender sound/tone, and some bits and pieces here and there. Prices are fair.

“The guitar now has an excellent sustain and with crunch/distorsion it has a very badass sound.  The clean channel is just…Fender”.

“I will definitely get in touch with Gianmario again.
Highly recommended +++

“I had a set up well overdue on my 89′ Strat + some issues on the guitar and I found Gian Mario’s services through Facebook. I would highly recommend him for any work you need to do on your guitar. Very professional, great advice, no messing around, fair prices, and quickly done!”

“My Fender strato was already good before but after Gianmario’s setup it is absolutely amazing, more confortable to play, more sustain and the proper Strat tone, also staying in tune even when I abuse the whammy bar. He brought back to life my old Ibanez acustic.Fret leveling, check electrics, general setup and it is playing exactly like ten years ago!! As Bonus, Gianmario, beyond his expertise and professionalism is a real gentleman a very pleasant people to make business with. Could not recommend enough.”

“Have had a few guitars set up by Gianmario and cannot recommend him enough. Absolute pleasure to deal with and guitars came back better than ever. He really knows his stuff and gives a full assessment of what can be done before starting. Excellent service”.

“Gianmario is an absolute gentleman and what he did to my electric guitar today was crazy good. Even before he started work, he told me exactly what he intended to do. From start to finish it was absolutely professional, informative and enriching experience. I recommend to everyone whose guitar needs some work done, either big or small. I already intend to get him to take care of my other guitar and I already know it is going to be a good fix”.

“Gianmario worked wonders with my electric guitar. Honestly it has never sounded so good. He took photos of the before and after or the work he did on the inside. Will be back again when one of my other guitars need a service. Professional and extremely good value. Thank you Gianmario!”


“The work Gianmario did on my 5150 project guitar was brilliant. I bought it as a kit from the States, painted it, wired it, built it. But it needed a lot of work on balancing the Floyd Rose trem, levelling and dressing the frets, adjusting the neck, setting the action and intonation. And Gianmario did an amazing job at a very good price. A really nice guy and very professional and accommodating. Great communication too. I highly recommend his service.”


“Thank you for a fantastic set up done on my little martin.. i can definitely see the significant difference,its exactly what i was hoping for a low action,light string and most of all it plays great. and my guitar are in perfect condition when returned..i am grateful that you’re the one repaired it.. and  i have no hesiatation to recommend you to others…such a friendly nice guy..definitley will be back”