Do you work on acoustic guitars/basses as well?
How long will it take to complete the service?
I’m fairly quick and typically any service is carried out within seven days. 2/3 days for a setup and about 6/7 days for a refret are safe numbers. However, if parts need to be ordered, some delay might occur due to the dispatch time.
It’s really really urgent. Can you prioritise?

Guaranteeing a quicker service may or may not be possible, depending on the repair and my schedule. I’ll do my best to accommodate. The additional fee (or rush fee) is a 25%.

Can you supply the strings for my guitar? I don’t have any with me.

No problem, I can. However, if you have a set with you, feel free to bring it along. Either way is fine. What is important is that the string gauge supplied is adequate for the service requested (feel free to ask for my recommendation beforehand).

I received your message: my guitar is ready. Can I collect in two/three weeks?

No, sorry, that can’t be accommodated. I do appreciate a quick collection (say, within 7 days?). My storage capacity is very limited and it’s a dedicated space for newcomers, not a place to store indefinitely already serviced guitars. Please notice that a €15 per week storage fee will apply from the 15th day after the communication of the completed service.

Do you only do setups?

No, far from it. I dedicated some article on the topic here but I’m daily busy with a multitude of different repairs. Fret works and wiring works are my bread-and-butter too, to mention a couple. The Facebook page and the Instagram page are a sort of weekly showcase of the services offered. Check them out!

Are you a “pro”?
I have been working as a tech for about 15 years and serviced thousands instruments. I also wrote a few DIY guides for other websites. I’m doing this full time, with individual clients and guitar stores outsourcing their repairs. Worry not: no matter if it’s a battered Squier Bullet or an original ’62 Strat, we’ll take the best care.
Where are you based?
In Kilbarrack Road, close to Dublin Road. I’m in a private residential establishment, not a shop with a storefront.
Can I just pop up whenever I have a minute?
No, sorry, I operate on an appointment basis only. Contact me and we’ll try to arrange something!
I booked an appointment. What do I need to bring in?

Quick check-list:

You’ll need to bring the guitar in a gig bag/hard case; I won’t carry around a guitar if it’s not in a gig bag or a hard case. If you don’t have a bag, worry not: please let me know in advance and I’ll bring along a gig bag for the transportation.

Also, if the guitar comes with a tremolo bridge system, don’t forget the tremolo bar.

And, as said above, I always have strings in stock but feel free to bring a set of your favourite strings too, if you like.